Why Choose Catalyst?

While other billing firms have the mindset of “What can our clients do for us?” We are proud to take the opposite approach. What sets Catalyst apart is our proven track record of success in helping practices thrive. We know what areas to automate, and what areas require a more thorough approach to maximize accuracy, and efficiency. CBS works diligently to ensure claims are clean on the front end to reduce insurance denials and delays on the back end, eliminating unwanted stress on both your, and your patients part. Implementing this cleaner, more efficient billing system has allowed us to boost the revenue of every client that we’ve taken on by at least 25%, and up to 40%.  Our clientele works hard, we go above and beyond to match their efforts and maximize their income so they can spend more time doing what they love.

 Medical Billing Features
Immediate Personnel Contact. No Recordings
Advanced Software that Looks for Missing Charges
In-House Patient Collections
In-House Staff Fully Trained in ICD-10 And Payer Specific Coding Techniques
Rapid Turn Around Time
State Of The Art Process Of Filing Claims Electronically With All Major Carriers
Easy Access for Patient Payments and Communication
Reduced Rejections and Denials
Personalized Services Including Blended Billing