While many professionals dislike the idea and practice of inspections, there is little doubt about the reason they exist or the benefit they provide overall. Radiology practices are far from exempt from the world of inspections; like other forms of business, radiology is subject to inspections and audits to ensure equipment is up to date and working properly; safety procedures are being followed; and various other aspects to keep patients and professionals safe from various threats. Fully complying with all required and yes, even voluntary inspections and audits will not only help your business but can provide for better efficiency of your radiology management service. 

Required by various governments

Some inspections and audits are required by various governments; for example, individual states operate their own inspections of imaging equipment and business practices. While sometimes cumbersome, inspections and surveys allow your practice to excel in business by providing a second set of eyes. More than anything, they are tools to help you perform better while providing unmatched service to patients. 


State-run inspections often evaluate the many different aspects of your business, primarily your imaging equipment. They occur at different intervals depending on the type of imaging you provide. The State of Texas, for example, inspects CT, fluoroscopy & therapy every two years; general purpose radiology every three years; dental and podiatry radiology every four years, and veterinary, service and industrial machine every five years. 

Documentation needed

To prepare for your inspection, you’ll need to have a handful of documents and pieces of information available, possibly including receipt of purchase, any notices of violation, personnel monitoring, credentials and dose to the public surveys, among several others. Your management service will also have information regarding most of these and may play a vital part in passing audits or inspections. 


With the results of whatever inspections and audits you’re subjected to, your radiology management can better serve your practice while giving you a roadmap to better your practice and business. And while sometimes tedious or imposing, the tools they provide for you, our patients and the public remain unsurpassed in importance. Connect with Catalyst Billing on how we can help.