Insurance claims and denials are part of the business; it’s ingrained into our healthcare services (but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy process for you and your staff). If you’ve been considering medical billing services for your practice, you want a service that can help achieve fewer denials while taking care of the process on both sides.

Finding the right billing service

Outsourcing the various billing services for your practice isn’t an easy decision and we understand that. The billing service that fits your practice is one that relieves burdens from you and your patients. Each of you needs someone to talk to during the billing practice with clarity and professionalism taking center-stage.

Choosing the right billing service is even more daunting than the decision to go with one in the first place, but where do you start? Start local with Catalyst. We offer numerous benefits to your practice and your patients, much more than simply billing.

We help with hurdles

Understandably, the medical billing process is a burden for patients as several hurdles may come into play: denials, inflexible payment options and trying to speak with someone who just doesn’t get it. We work with your patients to jump these hurdles, easing the burden from your staff’s shoulders while working alongside them to create the best possible outcome. Insurance claims have the ability to both anger and frighten patients, for good cause.

Being told your insurance is denying your claim for healthcare can quickly break the bank – that’s where we come in. Catalyst Billing is a medical billing solution in Fort Smith, Arkansas which relieves some of your staff’s everyday pressure by tackling insurance denials with your patients, offering live, local customer support with bilingual representatives.

Peace of mind

With superlative attention to detail and accuracy, insurance claims are fewer and further between. We work with your patients and their insurances, not against them. Our local representatives give greater peace of mind to both you and your patient by understanding the denial process. In the event of an upheld denial, we handle that, too.

Catalyst doesn’t stop with insurance claims, we also offer patient collections services and refund management, along with a lien program when fit. In addition to our patient billing services and patient management software, you have access to daily payment postings and accurate patient registration records, allowing your staff to focus on at-need tasks in the office. We handle the patient from registration to payment so you can handle everything else.