Unfortunately, medical billing errors are more common than you might think. Medical professionals and patients alike may miss a few of these errors. Not only do these errors cost either side money and cause frustration for all parties involved, they can lead to a claim being rejected or denied, along with further frustration as the process proceeds for much longer than anticipated. This is where your medical billing service has the advantage: we’re constantly training on the newest laws regarding medical billing while also maintaining a thorough knowledge of codes.

Can You Spell That for Me?

Not all billing errors are fraudulent (although some most definitely are); most are simple mistakes caused by going too quickly, not having the right documentation to fill out the paperwork, or quick little lapses in memory regarding the correct codes. Did you ever forget to write your name at the top of a paper in grade school and have your grade docked? That simple error is aligned with common medical billing errors: forgetting or putting the wrong name on the form! Misspellings in name, DOB, address and other fields also pop up. These simple errors may seem like no big deal on the surface, but unfortunately, they can cause your patients quite a headache with medical claims being rejected or denied, sent back and reworked.

Codes: Right, Wrong, What?

Entering codes certainly is among the most prevalent duties of medical billing and, as such, a common area for mistakes to sneak in. With so many codes to know and work with, typing in the wrong codes, missing a number here or there, and attaching the wrong modifier to a code are all too common in the field. Coding changes – new codes come into the scene, some old ones leave, while some stay the same. Rest assured – with all that changes in the medical world, Catalyst is on top of all the coding changes that happen and we know which codes go where – and when! Coding changes – new codes come into the scene, some old ones leave, while some stay the same.

Tips on Helping Us Help You

While Catalyst can navigate the treacherous waters of medical billing, we can’t do it alone! The most important factor in helping your medical billing service create clean claims is to be dedicated to proper and thorough documentation from start to finish with a patient! Make sure all communication is legible, correctly spelled and complete.

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