In today’s medical world, radiology billing has evolved from a somewhat straightforward practice easily done out of the office into a complicated web of coding, technology and navigating the ever-changing insurance platforms used by your patients. Making the change has likely weighed on your mind, along with all the possible pros and cons. Let’s discuss outsourcing your radiology billing and how it impacts your practice.


  • What about your staff?
  • What about the cost?
  • What is provided?
  • Is it really worth it?

In short, the answer is “Yes!”, but it’s truly your call.

Outsourcing your radiology billing to a service provider such as Catalyst Billing will provide you with a diverse assortment of benefits, some of which you may not have thought about while considering whether this is the right move for you and your office. Dealing with the financials regarding this area of your business often becomes tedious and cumbersome, taking away energy and time (in other words, money) better spent elsewhere – such as more time face-to-face with today’s more informed and more healthcare- and price-conscious patients.

The specialists at Catalyst Billing will help you navigate this continually evolving world of billing while ensuring your business and your patients receive the utmost benefit and attention.

Cost: Where is the Benefit?

Among the many benefits of outsourcing your radiology billing is the cost versus an in-house staff – and it’s not just paying for the service. We offer highly trained staff who will deliver results that may ultimately boost your bottom line. We offer our clients accurate coding and claim management; we’re also dedicated to ensuring you receive timely payments.

Additional Benefits

With outsourcing to Catalyst, you also don’t get hit financially if an employee is out of the office for any reason or if you’re in a staffing struggle. We have staff members trained in every niche of the billing cycle, creating a uniquely beneficial and effective situation for your practice.

As regulations change, it becomes more imperative to stay on top of what it means for your business. This leads to yet another benefit of outsourcing your radiology billing: Catalyst stays up-to-date on all changes and regulations, removing the need for constant training of in-house staff.

Many groups with in-house billing keep it in-house because they have people who help with the business management and financial piece – their retirement plans, etc. This service goes away MOST of the time when groups choose to outsource to those big-box companies. However, Catalyst continues to offer that piece and thus far has IMPROVED retirement plans and INCREASED how much doctors can set back for retirement.

The decision to convert your in-house billing style to an outsourced company shouldn’t be taken lightly or made on a whim; as such we encourage you to look more closely into our medical billing services to help make the decision-making process smoother.