–The Catalyst Effect of Radiology Billing–

We ensure each part of the revenue cycle is touched.

Our dedicated teams specialize in each area of the billing process in order to catch missing charges, track denials and clean up registration. This approach allows Catalyst to find and correct mistakes, create solutions, and prevent any future billing issues.

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Medicaid Team

This team works hands on with several state Medicaid programs, including Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. They post the payments, work the denials, and obtain PCPs, referrals, and records in order to best satisfy our customers and take every possible route to require payment.

Insurance Team

Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and commercial insurance are covered by the Insurance Team. These highly specialized individuals are dedicated to thoroughly working and understanding the quirks of each insurance to ensure our clients get every available penny and patients are not left with an inappropriate bill.

Registration Team

We have a Registration Team devoted to cleaning up and completing patient accounts on the front end to avoid unnecessary denials and delayed payments on the back end. They are familiar with which policy number belongs to which insurance, are tuned in to tying patient ages to potential insurance coverage when accounts come to us as “self-pay,” and even help alert management to potential missing charge file issues. 

Payment Posting Team

Our Payment Posting Team posts all insurance payments, both electronic and paper, patient payments, and ensure all of these payments are posted correctly and have a corresponding EOB. The payment posters also keep daily ledgers of client accounts, and balance these accounts between our billing system, the bank, and their ledgers before submitting to our accountants for final approval. We are all about checks and balances. This team also handles all refunds, which are monitored monthly and  kept below a threshold goal.

Coding Team

Catalyst’s Coding Team is comprised of certified coders here in the United States – no overseas outsourcing. Specializing in pathology, and interventional and diagnostic radiology, this team works relentlessly to code accurately and efficiently to ensure minimal denials and faster payments. These coders also work with our MIPS registry to collect data daily to ensure all clients are meeting measures throughout the year. Since 2016, all Catalyst clients have successfully passed MIPS and avoided Medicare rate deductions.


Collections Team

We offer an in-house Collections Team to carry out soft collections before sending accounts over to a collection agency and the credit bureau. Our collectors are dedicated to taking every step to collect patient payments for our clients, all while giving patients multiple ways and opportunities to pay their bills. This team also helps avoid losing a percentage of collections to the collection agency costs once accounts are turned over. We see the value in spending .50 to make you $1!

Administrative Team

Catalyst has an Administrative team comprised of 4 managers and an administrative assistant. This team is fully devoted to providing and meeting all of our client’s needs from personalized meetings and simplified reports to retirement plan management and credentialing. Each of the above teams are lead by team leaders that were hand selected by the administrative team. Making sure each part of the revenue cycle is a well oiled machine, is crucial in ensuring we give the service our clients and their patients deserve.